Weatherproof tomatoes?

Weather is often the biggest barrier a farmer has to deal with in getting his crops grown and to market.

While there is no “magic bullet” that can make a crop truly bulletproof, we can help the plants become more resilient to poor weather conditions.

Enter Art Heinneman, an organic farmer in Tonasket, Washington. He was running an experiment to test our Miracle for Plants device against his standard growing techniques. We were hoping to see differences in crop production on his tomatoes.

Sadly, the control group never made it that far. Poor lighting conditions and unseasonably cold weather caused the control group to die. On the bright side, the Miracle for Plants group  (powered by Kiminasi, as referenced in the video) survived…and eventually thrived!

Take a look at his results (warning, the video was shot on his farm, so the video quality is a bit low):

Do you want your plants to be more resilient to poor weather conditions?

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