We are Increasing Fertilizer Effectiveness by 30%

Fertilizer has been an important part of successful agriculture for centuries. Finding that perfect mix of organic material, nutrients and chemicals that will stimulate plant growth is an matter of ongoing research.

fertilizerHowever, no matter what ingredients you use, there is an important factor to consider: how much of the material in that fertilizer is actually being absorbed by the plants? The answer is important because if the plants can’t use it, you’ll be dumping a lot more fertilizer -and money- into your field to get the same results.

We are taking a different approach. We’ve already created irrigation devices that improve a plants ability to absorb water and nutrients more efficiently. In fact, we’ve seen yield increases of up to 70% on our test farms.


algasoil organic fertilizerBy increasing the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients, the grower can use less fertilizer, and less is wasted through leeching and runoff.  The best part is, we all get healthy food to eat with less environmental pollution.

If you want to get better looking vegetables and flowers in your farm or garden and use less water and fertilizer in the process, grab one of our Miracle for Plants devices today. You can get it here. It lasts a full year for year-round indoor and outdoor growing.

The money you’ll save in fertilizer and water will more than offset the cost of the device.

Happy Growing!