The Three “E’s” of Natural Growing

When looking at solutions in natural gardening and farming, we find three components that interrelate to form a perfect solution. If we look at this in a bit more depth, we can quickly evaluate whether a particular solution would benefit us or not.

The Three E's TriangleOn Economy, we first look at what our resources are. Do we have enough capital to buy that new $300,000 tractor? Do we have the resources to finance it?

The next thing we look at is, what return will I get for this investment? Will this improve my cash flow? How long will it take to pay off the investment?

Most professional growers have the economy aspect of growing solutions down to a science. The home user may not care as much, but the costs involved in maintaining a garden can really add up if you’re not careful.  The simple takeaway is that the more you invest in a particular technology or solution for improving your farm or garden, the better the return on investment needs to be to justify it.

Efficiency factors into economy, as the solution must improve the efficiency in some way in order to make the economics work. A new fertilizer needs to make the plants grow and produce more efficiently to justify the expense. A new tractor needs to make it easier for your farm to produce more crops.


Photo by Nature Education

Efficiency in the plant has a few key factors:

  1. It improves photosynthesis
  2. It adds nutrients to the soil
  3. It enhances pest and/or disease resistance

Many solutions incorporate one or more of these factors to improve yield.

On environment, we ask, “what effect does this solution have on the surrounding environment?” Does it improve the soil, or weaken it? Does it add pollution to the air or reduce it? In short, does it improve the environment or make it worse?

These questions may not seem as important as the other two, but they are crucial to long-term viability. A deteriorating soil or surrounding environment will make it harder and harder to continue to produce enough crops to survive.


Francesco Arlia with Miracle for PlantsLuckily, there is a solution that incorporates all three “E’s” into one device: Miracle for Plants. Over 27 years of research on the biology of plants and the way certain principles of physics influences them led to the initial Miracle for Plants device in 2014.

However, while that device produced incredible results in Efficiency and Environment, that device didn’t quite handle the Economy of many farms. That led to 3 more years of research on how to make it more economical.

At last, we have it! The new 2018 Miracle for Plants device. It produces major improvements in plant health, growth and fruit yield. It reduces the need for toxic chemicals and fertilizers. And, you can try it yourself for only $79 plus shipping.

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