The Fourth Component of Photosynthesis

Most of us are familiar with photosynthesis -the process by which plants convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into glucose (sugar) and oxygen.

photosynthesis illustrationWhat we don’t often think about is how efficient this process is. Common wisdom suggests that if you want to get plants to grow faster, they need to produce more food. This means adding more sunlight, more water and more carbon dioxide to the area where the plants live. Fertilizer also plays a role, as plants need other minerals to build healthy cells, such as phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen.

However, what if we made the process of photosynthesis more efficient? If the cells in the plant processed the elements of photosynthesis more efficiently, the plant would have more food. Consequently, it would be able to grow and reproduce (produce fruit and vegetables) faster.

That is exactly what researcher Fulvio Balmelli did when he created the Miracle Plants device. By stimulating the cells in the plant that handle photosynthesis, he was able to produce plants that grew stronger, healthier and faster, with more nutrients and better pest resistance than ever before.

In fact, we have seen crops that have much higher brix test scores, which indicates fruit that has much more sugar content than before. We have also seen increases in the number and size of the fruit on each plant. Earlier this year, Fulvio completed further research, which ended in even better growth and yield. Early results are astonding.

We invite you to try our Miracle for Plants device in your farm or garden. We are confident you will see amazing results, and your plants will be very happy you did!