Panama – Pepper Farmer

The results of this farmer were calculated to be approximately a 75% increase in production in a high controlled professional environment. The pictures attached show the final pepper comparison. On the left the pepper was grown using our communication technology on the test farm and on the right is the pepper grown on the side by side comparative farm using the farmers standard protocol.. The pepper with the organic communication technology is twice the weight but not twice the size because the wall membrane is thicker. This will increase the foods shelf life and sustainability. This farmer also conducted a full soil sampling throughout the testing phase and determined that the test farm maintained a consistent 7.0 pH (pH stands for ‘potential of Hydrogen’) throughout the growth phase and required no further assistance for Hydrogen. The standard farm continued to fluctuate Hydrogen levels between 4.8 pH and 5.2 pH and required continuous assistance throughout the 5 month test season. The most impressive result was the fact that the test peppers had a potential increase of shelf life between 10-14 days per the farmers experience.

5. Panama Pepper King Farms - final results PC Pepper on Left Regular Pepper on Right


Australia – Small Farmer

The results here show an amazing 30% increase in growth within 3 weeks. The most amazing part of this test was that the plants in the picture had been dying and looked almost impossible to recover but the farmer put our technology to the test and he was so happy with the results that his family is now part of our partnership program promoting in Australia.

Hawaii – Touan L., Touan Farms

My lettuce plants grew faster, stronger, thicker, crispier and I was immediately impressed. My 45 day lettuce cycle was reduced to 32 days and the lettuce heads had exceeded my expectation. The taste was actually improved and of course everything sold immediately. I am waiting for the shipment of more technology pipes for the remainder of my farm. Mr. Arlia told me that seeing it myself was the only way I would believe it worked and I was willing to try anything natural to improve my yield. I am from the Philippines and built this farm from nothing many years ago. I am willing to try anything that is natural and makes sense. I did, and I’m happy.