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The Miracle Plant device by Organic Earth Tech is the culmination of over 100 years of scientific research. Unlike traditional methods of increasing plant health and pest resistance, this device is 100% compatible with organic growing methods.
It has produced amazing results with natural gardeners on test farms and gardens around the world. From faster growth rates to increased crop growth to healthier plants that resist disease and non-optimum growing conditions; this technology delivers.

Order Miracle Plants today and use it in your garden. When you see the amazing results for yourself, share them on your social media and send us a screenshot.

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Step 1: Attach device to a metal faucet or hose nozzle

Step 2: Water your garden

Step 3: Watch you beautiful garden flourish!

“I was doing an experiment of the Kyminasi Plant device on tomatoes, where some of the plants were watered with the Kyminasi (Miracle Plants) device and some were not…this experiment was interesting because the conditions of growing were very poor: there was extremely low light levels and extremely cool conditions created a poor growing environment; and the control plants -in this case tomatoes- all died…and about 2 percent of my Kyminasi plants also died due to these poor growing conditions. But, two and a half weeks later, we have some amazing [Kyminasi] plants; the light levels got good and the heat is good and everything just took off!”
-A. Heinneman


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Here’s how it works:

  • Setup two sets of plants, one watered with Miracle Plants, one set watered with regular water
  • Grow your plants in the same way you normally do
  • Once a week, take a picture of both sets of plants
  • Once a week, observe the differences in growth, pest resistance, flowers, fruit, etc.
  • Once a week, Send us a short email or app submission with your observations
  • Once you are convinced that Miracle Plants is the best thing for your garden, record a testimonial and send it to us
  • Once all the above is received, we will send you a check for the purchase price of the coin
  • You can continue to enjoy the Miracle Plants device for the rest of the year that the device is active

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