Installation Demonstration

Our communication technology is fast, easy, and very cost effective to install.

It is as simple as replacing a 1 foot section of PVC pipe on your irrigation system with one of our special metal pipes that is fitted with our communication chip technology. The metal pipe will amplify the waves being emitted by the communication chip into the flowing water. The water then will carry the communication to your crops and can be effective up to 500 meters from the pipe.

The below illustrations show how simple the pipe is to install for a straight run or manifold installation. If you are working with a low volume drip, spot spitters, micro sprays, or spray system the set-up costs are low. If you have a medium or high volume irrigation system the setup requires some extra parts and larger pipes to match your system, therefore the installation costs vary based on water volume. We can accommodate any irrigation system and if you don’t use an irrigation system we can prove that the financial benefits of installing a system outweigh the one-time costs and justify the installation.

The benefits of the technology are the same regardless of system setup and we guarantee our technology works consistently.