How to Make Indoor Plants Healthy Without Chemicals

wilting orchidWhen you are installing and maintaining plants indoors, it can be challenging to keep them healthy.

This is especially true in places like apartments, hotels or offices, where the location of the plants don’t match the required sunlight of the type of plant you’re dealing with. As a professional, you make recommendations as to the best type of plants to use, but some customers just want that one type of plant, no matter what the conditions are.

If you have a maintenance contract to replace the plants when they wither or don’t look well, this can get really costly.



But have no fear. We developed a device based on the latest discoveries in plant research to help professional gardeners, growers and horticulturists grow and maintain healthy plants, even in challenging environments.

Photosynthesis frequencies


The device uses principles of physics to enhance the natural chemistry of plants. This technology uses these principles in a new way to improve a plant’s ability to absorb water, sunlight and nutrients, grow faster and resist disease.




The primary benefit to the horticulturist and interior plant provider would be healthier, more vibrant plants that stay fresher longer and resist insect attacks better. This means less replacement of plants and happier customers.

Take a look at the difference in fungus gnats in an indoor time lapse experiment that was left unattended for several days:

Depending on the size of your business, you may need multiple devices to cover all of your accounts. The device is portable and works with your watering system, so it is possible that one device can cover an entire route.

However, we want you to experience the amazing results of Miracle for Plants firsthand before investing fully. That’s why we recommend ordering one device and use it on your best route. Once you see how the plants respond in your BEST accounts, you’ll know the less healthy plants will have an even more dramatic improvement.

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