From Funeral to Celebration: 3 weeks of Harvest Harmonics use…

Grapevine before Miracle for Plants


After Hurricane Irma pummeled Florida in 2017, this grape vine was nearly dead. After several moves and months of neglect, gardener and herbalist DJ Shirley had all but given up on it. The vines hadn’t produced leaves since before the storm, and watering and feeding it hadn’t helped.


Then she started watering her garden with Miracle for Plants. This device energized her plants, including her all-but-forsaken grape vine.  After only a week, the vines started producing leaves (left).

Another week showed the vines exploding with leaves and they looked as healthy and green as they ever had.




After just 4 weeks, the vines were restored to their full health; even beginning to blossom and produce fruit!

If you want to bring your plants from the brink of death -or maybe just get them energized and healthy again- order your own Miracle for Plants device today.


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