Twas the Night Before Xmas in the Garden

Twas the Night Before Christmas, ol’ Santa’s working hard and Bringing wonderful gifts for your farm and garden The stockings are stuffed with nozzles and seeds And all kinds of special gadgets for dealing with weeds The growers were nestled all snug in their beds As visions of a great harvest danced in their heads […]

From Funeral to Celebration: 3 weeks of Harvest Harmonics use…

  After Hurricane Irma pummeled Florida in 2017, this grape vine was nearly dead. After several moves and months of neglect, gardener and herbalist DJ Shirley had all but given up on it. The vines hadn’t produced leaves since before the storm, and watering and feeding it hadn’t helped.   Then she started watering her […]

Weatherproof tomatoes?

Weather is often the biggest barrier a farmer has to deal with in getting his crops grown and to market. While there is no “magic bullet” that can make a crop truly bulletproof, we can help the plants become more resilient to poor weather conditions. Enter Art Heinneman, an organic farmer in Tonasket, Washington. He […]

South African farmers get huge increases in growth and size in spinach and kale

A few forward-thinking farmers have been testing the Miracle for Plants device on their farms. The results thus far have been amazing:   Spinach that grew faster and twice as large as the control group of plants.   Kale that grew 20% faster and 25% larger than control groups.     And alfalfa production that […]

Strengthening Sustainability Through Technology

We have been working with growers around the world over the last few years to bring our technology to the world of agriculture. The goal is to make natural and organic growing easier and more profitable for the grower, so that mankind can enjoy healthier food and environment. In our travels, we have met many […]

The Fourth Component of Photosynthesis

Most of us are familiar with photosynthesis -the process by which plants convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into glucose (sugar) and oxygen. What we don’t often think about is how efficient this process is. Common wisdom suggests that if you want to get plants to grow faster, they need to produce more food. This […]

Enhancing Your Soil with Microbes

In both gardening and agriculture, we tend to focus on the basics to get our plants to grow. Proper watering, proper sunlight and adding fertilizer are the three most common ways to get plants growing. But is that all there is to plant health? The answer is no. There is an important and often unknown […]

We are Increasing Fertilizer Effectiveness by 30%

Fertilizer has been an important part of successful agriculture for centuries. Finding that perfect mix of organic material, nutrients and chemicals that will stimulate plant growth is an matter of ongoing research. However, no matter what ingredients you use, there is an important factor to consider: how much of the material in that fertilizer is […]

Making Organic Fertilizer More Effective

Most people would agree that if they can get the same or better plant yield with organic fertilizer, they would prefer to use it. However, there has been some doubt whether organic fertilizer can outperform conventional fertilizers. That’s where we come in. By analyzing fertilizers in his lab, Fulvio Balmelli can design frequency patterns that […]

Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

Bees and other pollinators are one of the most critical components to healthy gardening and farming. By pollinating the flowers, they make it possible for fruit and seeds to develop. In fact, over 90% of the food we eat depends on pollinators. Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, including: urbanization, climate changes, pesticides and […]

The New Way of Bio-Hacking Your Plants

Most growers and gardeners think that the way to grow healthy plants is simply add nutrients to the soil and water it properly. When insects or other pests attack the plants, simply use pesticide or natural equivalents to kill them or drive them away. However, it turns out that there is a simpler and more […]

Happy Birthday America!

Every year on the 4th of July, Americans come together to celebrate our nation’s independence. Typical activities include BBQ, hanging out by the pool and watching fireworks at night. We at Organic Earth Tech want to join in the celebration by giving a special deal to all the gardeners, lawn enthusiasts and growers out there. […]

Feed Me, Seymour!

If you’ve ever seen Little Shop of Horrors, you’ll remember the line, “Feed Me Seymour!” This classic line from the man-eating plant was one of the most memorable lines in the movie. His demand of more blood and a human sacrifice to grow ever-bigger and more terrifying was a central plot point in the musical […]

How to Make Indoor Plants Healthy Without Chemicals

When you are installing and maintaining plants indoors, it can be challenging to keep them healthy. This is especially true in places like apartments, hotels or offices, where the location of the plants don’t match the required sunlight of the type of plant you’re dealing with. As a professional, you make recommendations as to the […]

The Three “E’s” of Natural Growing

When looking at solutions in natural gardening and farming, we find three components that interrelate to form a perfect solution. If we look at this in a bit more depth, we can quickly evaluate whether a particular solution would benefit us or not. On Economy, we first look at what our resources are. Do we […]

Gardening Technology Made Easy

Technology should make our lives easier. While this hasn’t always been the case, a well-designed product that advances the way we do things should be easy to use. We don’t need to know the millions of electronic signals that move around in our cell phones to allow us to read our email. We just need […]

Plant in container

Star Trek for Plants?

This Sounds Like Star Trek… When they hear about frequencies being used to stimulate plant growth, most people don’t believe it. However, sometimes you need to think outside the box to solve long-standing problems. This type of thinking allows us to create unique solutions to old problems by looking at the problem in different ways. […]