Feed Me, Seymour!

If you’ve ever seen Little Shop of Horrors, you’ll remember the line, “Feed Me Seymour!” This classic line from the man-eating plant was one of the most memorable lines in the movie. His demand of more blood and a human sacrifice to grow ever-bigger and more terrifying was a central plot point in the musical […]

How to Make Indoor Plants Healthy Without Chemicals

When you are installing and maintaining plants indoors, it can be challenging to keep them healthy. This is especially true in places like apartments, hotels or offices, where the location of the plants don’t match the required sunlight of the type of plant you’re dealing with. As a professional, you make recommendations as to the […]

The Three “E’s” of Natural Growing

When looking at solutions in natural gardening and farming, we find three components that interrelate to form a perfect solution. If we look at this in a bit more depth, we can quickly evaluate whether a particular solution would benefit us or not. On Economy, we first look at what our resources are. Do we […]

Gardening Technology Made Easy

Technology should make our lives easier. While this hasn’t always been the case, a well-designed product that advances the way we do things should be easy to use. We don’t need to know the millions of electronic signals that move around in our cell phones to allow us to read our email. We just need […]

Plant in container

Star Trek for Plants?

This Sounds Like Star Trek… When they hear about frequencies being used to stimulate plant growth, most people don’t believe it. However, sometimes you need to think outside the box to solve long-standing problems. This type of thinking allows us to create unique solutions to old problems by looking at the problem in different ways. […]