The New Way of Bio-Hacking Your Plants

Most growers and gardeners think that the way to grow healthy plants is simply add nutrients to the soil and water it properly. When insects or other pests attack the plants, simply use pesticide or natural equivalents to kill them or drive them away.

singing to plantsHowever, it turns out that there is a simpler and more cost-effective way to achieve the same results.

The answer is communication. Of course, we’ve all heard that talking to your plants or playing music for them can improve their health, but did you know that there is a fundamental scientific basis for this?

Researcher Fulvio Balmelli discovered that healthy plants emit a natural pattern of frequency signals that can be measured on a special machine. He also discovered that most of the common problems affecting plant health can be detected and codified by comparing the resulting frequency patterns with the standard patterns of a healthy plant.

tuning forkHe theorized that by introducing the correct frequencies of a healthy plant to an unhealthy plant, the two frequencies would harmonize with each other, much like a tuning fork in music. By harmonizing the frequencies, the cells in the unhealthy plant would then begin to operate in a more and more optimal state.




Mr Balmelli dedicated 15 years of his life to finding the frequency signatures of the most common problems associated with growing plants, including: too much or too little sunlight, too much or too little water, nutrient deficiencies, insect attacks, and much more.

The result of Mr Balmelli’s hard work is Miracle for Plants. This device is programmed with over 2200 frequencies that handle the vast majority of problems that a plant faces, including nutrient and water absorption, poor sunlight and temperature. For the home user or small grower, it’s as easy as watering your plants. The Miracle for Plants device does the rest.

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