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“My lettuce plants grew faster, stronger, thicker, crispier and I was immediately impressed. My 45 day lettuce cycle was reduced to 32 days and the lettuce heads had exceeded my expectation. The taste was actually improved and of course everything sold immediately. I am waiting for the shipment of more technology pipes for the remainder of my farm. Mr. Arlia told me that seeing it myself was the only way I would believe it worked and I was willing to try anything natural to improve my yield. I am from the Philippines and built this farm from nothing many years ago. I am willing to try anything that is natural and makes sense. I did, and I’m happy.”

Hawaii – Touan L., Touan Farms

“Our results demonstrated a 75% increase in yield based on weight in a high controlled professional environment. We never expected to get such an increase because we already had a very high yield. The pepper plants immediately showed me more flowering early in the season. Our soil sampling throughout the testing phase demonstrated a consistent 7.0 pH (pH stands for ‘potential of Hydrogen’) throughout the growth phase and required no further assistance for Hydrogen. Our standard farm continued to fluctuate Hydrogen levels between 4.8 pH and 5.2 pH and required our normal assistance throughout the 5 month test season. The most impressive results are the increased yield, the increase of shelf life between 10-14 days per our experience, and the fact this technology was helping the plants to create a perfect self-sustaining ecology system. You must see it for yourself to believe it.”

Panama – W. Bongiorno – Pepper Farm

“There was a section of plants that were dying and in my professional opinion, not recoverable. I was extremely impressed when in less than 3 weeks, the entire section regained life and started to flourish and grow extremely healthy. The rest of my farm was growing, faster, stronger, healthier and more rapidly than I was promised. I would never have believed it, had I not seen it myself. Seeing is truly believing.”

Wayne P., Australia